Phuket Culture


Phuket culture

About 75 percent of the inhabitants of Thailand are Thai. The largest minority group consists of the Chinese, who make up about 14 percent of the total population, and most are Thai nationals.

Other minority groups include the Malay-speaking Muslims in the south, the hill tribes in the north, and Cambodian (Khmer) and Vietnamese refugees in the east. The population of Thailand is about 75 percent rural.  

Population Characteristics

 The population of Thailand is about 69,122,234  (2010 estimate). This represents an overall population density of about 114 persons per sq km (about 294 per sq mi). The population is unevenly distributed, however, with the greatest concentration of people in the central region.


 The dialect of Phuket is Southern Thai language that is not like other. There are Southern Chinese, Hokkien and Malay accent are mixed. So it is a unique dialect only the Phuket and Phang Nga. In the past, most natives who lived in Phuket are Chinese emigrated from County Hakka that bringing many different cultures, one of them is language. Following the trade that make more contact with foreigners. So there are four regional dialects are in use. Lao, Chinese, Malay, and Mon-Khmer are also spoken in Thailand. Some Phuket language just called BA BA language.


Classic Thai literature is based on tradition and history. The Ramakien, the Thai version of the Hindu epic Ramayana, is the leading classic on which Thai art and music are based. The main theme remains the same in the Thai version, although the Ramakien is about 25 percent longer than the original Hindu version. Modern writing is more Western in style. Thailand has many women among its popular authors. Kukrit Pramoj is one of Thailand’s most famous novelists. In addition to his career as a writer, he was Thailand’s prime minister in 1975.


Phuket Vegetarian Festival

It’s had a lot of blog space over the years. I never attended any vegetarian festival events or street parades until 2006 when I started the blog and decided to find out more about this event. It’s huge. A 10 day festival with crazy street processions featuring bizarre piercings, entranced spirit mediums, a lot of firecrackers and a lot of history. It’s my favourite time of year in Phuket, and I’m not even a vegetarian! The festival has Chinese roots and began sometime just after 1825 when visiting Chinese got sick in Phuket and cured themselves with a cleansing diet. Well, that’s the story. Later, Phuket locals sailed to China to discover more. Also called the “9 Emperor Gods” festival, it’s quite wild, but if you stay by the beach you really don’t see much. It’s centered in Phuket Town, with some Chinese shrines in other parts of the island also participating. A couple of photos and a few links below to help explain more. The festival is also found in other parts of Thailand, but Phuket is where it started and if you really want to see more, it’s not for the fainthearted!


Recommend where to buy souvenir and gift in Phuket

Khunmaeju Phuket

More than 70 years, a legend in the delicious pair of Phuket Town, Khunmaeju souvenir shop of Phuket Town, which came from a woman’s little shop, diligent, and love cooking.

Location: 159/21. Moo 5 tambol thepkasattri Rd., thepkasattri, amphur Thalang, Phuket 83110, Tel. (076) 274101-2 fax: (076) 274102. (10-minute walk from the airport)

Pornthip Phuket


Kingdom of the modern city of Phuket, deposit for the new generation of health-conscious, with high standard manufacturing factory with more than 15 years of international level over the past.

Porntip Company ( Thailand ) Co., Ltd.

108/1 Moo 5 Rd . King Rama . 9 ( Bypass ) set . Rassadanukul in . Muang . Phuket 83000 Thailand

Tel : + 66 76 261 555 Fax : + 66 76 261 557.



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